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PP Storm Case

KAXIKE is a professional manufacturing hard, waterproof protective cases company. From micro cases to large rolling cases, we offer various sizes, configurations and accessories to protect and secure your valuables from impact and damage. Watertight, crush resistant, dust proof. We offers travel and storage protection solutions for musical, pro audio and light applications, photo and video equipment, drones, industrial tools, law enforcement, health and laboratory equipment, military equipment, firearms, sporting goods equipment and activities, packaging, OEM manufacturers, and much more!

Waterproof Micro Case, Dry Box as Nanuk & Pelican

Outer Size: 304*248*120mm(LxWxH)

IP67 PP Material Waterproof Plastic Safety Case

Outer Size: 304*248*203mm

PP Storm Plastic Protective Case With Foam

Outer Size: 377*299*139mm

IP67 Watertight Hard Plastic Laptop Case

Outer Size: 393*420*188mm

PP hard plastic injection molded case with foam

Outer Size: 407*342*193mm

IP67 waterproof Case For Fishing and Diving Gear

Outer Size: 410*326*168mm

Hard PP Plastic Protective Case With Handle

Outer Size: 476*361*173mm

Crushproof Plastic Dry Box For Camera & DJI Drones

Outer Size: 476*361*223mm

Hard Protective Case For Outdoor Tactical & Explore

Outer Size: 511*422*158mm

Watertight Hard Case - Protector Cases

Outer Size: 556*358*185mm

Hard Shell Trade Show Cases, Exhibition Containers

Outer Size: 556*358*230mm

Hard Rolling Case, Wheeled Equipment Shipping Cases

Outer Size: 634*503*310mm

KAXIKE is a hard plastic case manufacturer in China, provides a full line of watertight rugged plastic cases for camera video, drones, military, electronic equipment, light, guns and rifles, fishing and diving gear, medical equipment, police equipment, medium and extreme duty environments.
It's waterproof IP67 and shockproof performance well protect any valuable goods in the field.

1. Material: Plastic, PP
2. Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 90 ℃,
3. IP67, Waterproof, shockproof and Anti-corrosion performance,
4. Egg foam on lid, bottom filled with pre-cut foam and easy to customize compartment for your valuable tool.  sharp also can be customized,
5. Easy open Double Throw latches, It won't be broken even under higher impact.
6. Adopting anti-aging O-ring seal,
7. Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
8. Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors
9. Areas on the lid and back for sticking logos.
10. Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.
11.Widely used for hardware tools, medical equipments, precision instruments, laptop and etc.

Welcome OEM & ODM

1.Color can be customized(need color swatch),but we have MOQ
2.The foam can be designed as your request but we also have MOQ
3. Logo and packing can be customized, but we have MOQ
3.All the products are designed under the regulations of certain protections and we can offer test report
4.For ODM or some special requirements, please contact us in advance and describe this in your Email.