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Characteristics of military waterproof equipment case

2020-06-28 15:14:24

The military high-strength instrument box has the following characteristics:


1、 Overall high strength

The steel frame structure is organically combined with the surface material of fiber-reinforced plastics, which is integrally injection molded, and a sealing structure is arranged between the box body and the box cover, which can make the product have a new breakthrough in the performance of impact resistance, compression resistance, deformation resistance, drop resistance and other materials.


2、 Good adaptability

The physical and chemical properties of the box are stable and adapt to various environments. Wooden box is easy to be damp and moldy; iron box has poor heat insulation, depainting and rusting, and is easy to be deformed; plastic box has low temperature and low strength; however, fiber-reinforced plastic surface material is acid, alkali, salt and temperature resistant, so this product is suitable for use and storage in various harsh environments such as high temperature drying, swamp salt alkali, North low temperature, oil field mining acid and alkali, etc.


3、 Light and compact structure

The weight is 43% - 30% less than that of the iron box, 36% - 20% less than that of the wooden box. At the same time, the interface surface of the upper and lower boxes is matched with the teeth, and the sealing materials are bonded in the concave and convex grooves to minimize the gap, so the dust-proof effect can be achieved.


4、 Easy to stack

A corresponding herringbone convex bar is arranged on the top and the bottom of the box body, so that the box body can be stacked conveniently and orderly and stably during transportation and storage.


5、 Resistance to electricity, magnetism, radiation and earthquake

The box is made of insulating materials, and the inner lining of the box can be made of various corresponding materials according to the needs of users to achieve the performance of anti magnetism, anti radiation and anti-seismic.


6、 Multifunction

Can be customized according to the size of the user box or according to the size of the packaging object to change the lining, can store and transport various shapes and sizes of items, such as: shells, tools, instruments, etc.


Military high-strength instrument box has a wide range of applications in the military, such as instruments, meters, electronics, communications, automation, precision machinery, etc., all of which have very reuse value.

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