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Differences between incubators and refrigerators

2020-09-23 10:05:48

What is an incubator, what is a freezer, and what is the difference between an incubator and a freezer?

First from the use and characteristics to understand what is the incubator, what is the freezer.

As the name implies, food incubator is used to keep food warm. Generally, PE high-quality raw materials are selected, which are resistant to ultraviolet rays and are not easy to fade. With the integrated molding technology, the product has high strength, strong and durable, and the service life can be as long as 3 years. It has good heat preservation effect and can be kept for 8-10 hours; the box cover can be separated to facilitate the storage of goods; the large plastic lock lock is installed on the box, and the box cover can be firmly fixed and not easy to fall off; the professional stacked structure design is easy to stack and transport; it is generally suitable for hotels, hotels, restaurants, takeout, cafeteria, group dining and other food needs long-term turnover and insulation industry. The advantages are more. The food incubator is heat and cold resistant. The heat preservation box has high requirements on heat resistance and cold resistance. It will not deform in high-temperature water, and even can use boiling water. The incubator is also particularly durable, with superior impact resistance, which is not easy to be broken when pressed or impacted, and will not leave scratch, so it can be used for life. The sealing property is also very good, which can keep the food fresh for a longer time Fresh; food incubator also has multi-function and diversity. According to the needs of life, different sizes of ice bags are designed and used with reusable technology. The ice bags can keep cold and keep hot (the ice bags can be frozen to - 190 , and the high temperature can be heated to 200 ℃; what's more, the food incubators are very environmentally friendly, food grade environmental friendly PE materials, Tasteless, UV resistant, not easy to change color.

So what is a refrigerator? Refrigerators can also be called "food refrigerators", but most of them are called "medical refrigerators" because they are used more often in hospitals. Medical refrigerators are refrigerated equipment designed for storage and transportation of vaccines, blood samples, serum, biological reagents, etc. in hospitals. They are special bags with short-term constant temperature effect, which can keep cold and protect It is suitable for carrying and transporting all kinds of vaccines, reagents, blood samples, drugs and other biological products and food cold chain transportation in the passive outdoor environment.

The insulation principle of incubators and refrigerators is actually the same. Heat preservation and cold storage are essentially a concept. Putting hot things into the incubator is heat preservation, and putting cold things in is refrigeration. Both of them are mainly through a polyurethane insulation layer in the middle of the box to effectively isolate the temperature in the box from the ambient temperature, so as to ensure the temperature in the box.

KAXIKE safety protection case are made of improved engineering plastics, which have good weather resistance and can work in the range of - 40 ℃ ~ 95 ℃. The case can resist ultraviolet radiation, strong impact, abrasion resistance, anti-aging and flame retardancy. Waterproof and dustproof grade IP67, impervious to dust, dust-free entry, protective immersion, standard pressure time no water entry, perfect protection for instrument and equipment.