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How to install instrument panel in injection protection box

2020-08-06 10:06:25

The protection grade of the injection molding protection box is IP67. To put it bluntly, it has good water-proof and dust-proof performance and strong wear-resistant and falling resistance. Because of these properties, the injection protection box is often the first choice as an instrument box. Whether it is the transportation of the instrument or the panel installation of the instrument, it is the guarantee of the safety of the instrument.

Back to the theme, let's talk about how the injection protection box is installed with instrument panel. Generally speaking, the protection box of injection molding type can be divided into two types: the panel can be installed and the panel can not be installed. The injection protective box with panel can be installed with clamping slot and bracket for supporting panel, while those that cannot be installed with panel do not have these parts.


From the above figure, we can see that the box in the figure has a card slot and bracket. After inserting the bracket in the slot of the box and fixing the screws, the parts of the instrument and equipment are fixed at the bottom of the box. Finally, the panel is covered and the panel is fixed with the screws of the panel and the bracket. This kind of injection protection box that can install the bracket can save a lot of installation of the panel Now let's talk about the box that can't be installed with panel. This kind of box has no card slot. Strictly speaking, this kind of box can also hold panel, but because it is very troublesome to install panel, we can only buy panel frame (increase cost, not recommended) and use strong force to install panel Glue (can not be removed) or self tapping screw (more difficult) to install the panel, so it is not recommended to use this kind of box to install the panel.

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