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Several commonly used insulation box materials

2020-10-13 15:16:54

The quality of domestic incubator market is uneven. Some businesses sell inferior ones. The incubators made of non environmental protection materials have bad smell, inferior workmanship and serious food hidden danger. Let's look at several commonly used incubator materials:

Insulation box materials are divided into the following categories:

Foam class

Foam incubator: using it to eat food seriously affects our health. When the temperature reaches 65 , the harmful substances in disposable foamed plastics will penetrate into the food and cause damage to human liver and kidney. Foam boxes are generally polyvinyl chloride. It is generally used for refrigerated transportation at low temperature.

Waterproof fabric

The incubator made of Oxford cloth or nylon cloth has many advantages, strong, tough and wear-resistant; it is equipped with waterproof rubber bottom and anti-skid at the bottom. Independent thermal insulation food warehouse, equipped with compression system, food storage will not be squeezed. Aluminum foil material is used in the food warehouse, and PE cotton is used for heat and cold insulation.

Rotational molding

"Rotational molding process", the use of "environmental protection material PE", the products produced strong toughness, strong impact resistance, heat and cold resistance, green environmental protection, can be completely recycled. The temperature and the corresponding holding time required for storing items in the equipment can be achieved by adjusting the corresponding configuration. Zero energy consumption, high performance, non-toxic, tasteless, anti ultraviolet, not easy to change color, smooth surface, easy to clean, good heat preservation effect, durable and long service life.

Metal floor

Metal box is one of the multi-functional equipment for unit loading, storage and circulation of goods. Its disadvantage is that it is too bulky, not detachable, edges and corners easy to scratch the skin.

KAXIKE safety protection case are made of improved engineering plastics, which have good weather resistance and can work in the range of - 40 ℃ ~ 95 ℃. The case can resist ultraviolet radiation, strong impact, abrasion resistance, anti-aging and flame retardancy. Waterproof and dustproof grade IP67, impervious to dust, dust-free entry, protective immersion, standard pressure time no water entry, perfect protection for instrument and equipment.