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What are the advantages of rotational molding process compared with other processes

2020-10-23 10:09:42

Rotational molding process is often used to produce hollow seamless plastic products with complex shape. It is widely used in chemical industry, machinery, electronics, light industry and military industry, such as fuel tank, storage box, large and medium-sized hollow container, automobile parts, corrosion-resistant container, etc. in recent years, it is also gradually used in packaging box and transportation of various civil or military products Box and other products production.

At present, most of the orders of rotational molding products from abroad directly indicate that the special material of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is used for rotational molding. Most of the products are cleaning machine shell, lawn mower shell, cargo transport box, storage box, various mechanical and electronic packaging boxes, and double-layer insulation box with foam layer , auto parts, etc.

The rotational molding technology and processing technology of rotational molding mold in China have been improved rapidly, but there is still a gap between China and Europe and the United States in product design. The forming process of rotational molding die plays a very important role in the quality of products. When the product design and mold design and manufacturing are completed, the mold structure which is easy to lead to product defects will not be changed easily. It is very important to solve the defects of rotational molding products from the molding process.

At present, there is little information about the design and process of rotational molding die in China. Most of the designers or engineers rely on practical experience to design and produce, which often brings unnecessary trouble to the design and production. It is of great significance to study and analyze the causes and solutions of the defects of rotational molding die products, which is of great significance to improve the technical level of structural design of rotational molding products and molds.

Customization advantages:

1. The structure of the aluminum rotational molding mold is easy to demould and undamaged, and the surface treatment has pores and trachoma.

2. The whole process design and control of the rotational molding mold manufacturing process, wood mold room, sand foundry, CNC processing plant are three parts, so that we can complete the rotational molding mold with high quality. CNC machining center, machine equipment.

3. The design ability of rotational molding mold can be completed according to the sample of rotational molding mold.

4. Precision mold processing method and rapid processing method are used to shorten the delivery time.

5. Opening time of rotational molding mold: the lead time of rotational molding mold is generally 35 days.

6. The thickness of the mould is uniform and the precision is high, so that the thickness of the product is uniform and smooth.

7. It can process the rotational molding products with diameter less than 3 meters.

In the design of rotational molding products and molds, the material, structure design, processing technology, raw materials and structure design of the products should be considered comprehensively, and the technical means that can avoid defects should be adopted as far as possible, so as to avoid irreversible mistakes from the root. A kind of In the production process of rotational molding mold, the properties of raw materials (including physical and mechanical properties and processing technology properties), processing equipment, processing technology and product post-treatment and finalization are comprehensively considered. All kinds of defects that may appear can be correctly analyzed and solved, and high-quality rotational molding products can be obtained.

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