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What industries need to use protective boxes?

2020-07-09 13:35:16

In fact, any items that are easy to be damaged can be stored in protective boxes. According to different protection needs, there are also great differences in the selection of protective boxes. The most common one is the household storage box popular in recent years. People generally use it to put clothes, quilts and children's toys, which will not be carried frequently, as long as they can reach the ordinary moisture-proof level.


However, for the protection of industrial products, household storage boxes can not be used. Most of the household storage boxes are non-woven fabrics, Oxford cloth and ordinary PP plastics, which can not meet the standards of industrial protection. Therefore, industrial products must use special protection boxes.


Kaxike protective box is made of PP engineering plastic. It has special material technology and manufacturing technology. It can reach the industrial level standard of waterproof, moisture-proof, shock absorption and fall resistance. It has the advantages of UV resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, durable, fast retraction and easy to carry. At the same time, it uses military technology for decades, and combines with the actual use needs of today's consumers to continuously improve Product design, with reliable quality, good service, quickly captured a large number of loyal customers.


KAXIKE safety protection case are made of improved engineering plastics, which have good weather resistance and can work in the range of - 40 ℃ ~ 95 ℃. The case can resist ultraviolet radiation, strong impact, abrasion resistance, anti-aging and flame retardancy. Waterproof and dustproof grade IP67, impervious to dust, dust-free entry, protective immersion, standard pressure time no water entry, perfect protection for instrument and equipment.